Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hello guys this is real.I was Realy fedup with trying methods. If you follow this little tutorial you earn 600$ Per Month i Guaranteed! Please Read this 1st

Encuestas is a Spanish( It doesn't matter if you don't know  Spanish i give you all the informations in this site ) website where you can make really easy money with just answering some questions which will take you like 5 minutes a day. YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WORLDWIDE (ANY COUNTRY IS SUPPORTED). MINIMUM PAYOUT 300 EUROS (2 weeks of work)

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But if you don't know Spanish It is not a matter I give you All the Info. please Read it all and get in to work.

Do Step By Step 

1. Click Here To register You get 10 EUROS = 15$  Use This link to Register ( 1st Read all steps)

Click on REGISTRATE on the right top of the site, it will give you few boxes, below are the details on what you need to fill in
Nombre de usuario – user name
Contrasena – password
Repetir la contrasena – repeat password
Direccion de correo electronico – email id
Nombre – First Name
Apellido(s) – Last Name
Fechna de nacimiento – Date Of Birth
Estado/Provincia – State/ Country
Ciudad – City
Numero de telefono movil – Mobile number
Once you have registered it show that you have created the account, in spanish.dont care if they again shows the application to fill.and you don't have to comform the  then log in, top left corner of your screen has the log in link, click it and it will ask you to put in your user name and password, fill it up with the user name and password you created and hit the blue button.
Okay this is how you should work:

  •  Go to the homepage by clicking on this icon (As shown)
  •  Click on this:

 Then you will see the video offers

Then click on the first offer on this button (this blue ne)

Now you DONT need to watch the video (Its better to watch cheating is bad :) ), just click this button that i have round in the pic

7. Now questions will be loaded every 20 seconds at the end of the page (down)

Answer all questions from 1 to 13 with the second answer.
Only the 14th question should be answered with the first answer!

(But i don't like to cheat so i put all the surveys in english so you don't want to cheat )

After you’re done you’ll get 3 EUROS to your account.
(when you start t do the next offer the credit  3 EUROS to your account)

PS: DO NOT TRY TO ANSWER THE SAME OFFER TWICE BECAUSE IT WON’T WORK & YOU’LL JUST LOSE TIME! (The don't mark that they are completed but your account will be credited )

10. cash-out

 After you have registered and logged in, go to Mi Peril on the right side of the screen, top right side, click on it to get the drop down, choose the first option Adjustas and click on it, then fill in your PayPal or Payza ID in the page and click on the BIG BLUE button to save it. Once you will reach 300 euro then you can go to Financas section under Mi Peril drop down and ash out button would be available for you to cash out.

Dont Give Up! This Is Real!

you will get 10EUROS=15$ to register With This Link
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All 34$

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Additional info 

This Site is not Fake They put a video and Ask Some Questions About it!
 I put them here in English Then you can Understand and answer them

1) Did you like the video?
  1. Yes, I liked it a lot.
  2. The video was good.
  3. The video was good, but I didn't like it that much.
  4. I didn't like the video, it wasn't interesting.
  5. I didn't like the video, it was awful.
2) At what moment did you understand the video?
  1. Right away.
  2. After 2/3 of the Video.
  3. After half of the video.
  4. At the end of the video.
  5. I didn't understand the video.
3) To what extent was interesting the video?
  1. Very interesting.
  2. Interesting.
  3. A little interesting.
  4. Not that much interesting.
  5. Nothing interesting at all.
4) Rate of 10 the video.
This one doesn't need translation.
5) To what extent the video was original?
This one doesn't need translation.
6) Was the video similar to other promotional videos?
  1. No, this video was unique.
  2. Something similar to another videos.
  3. Is all the same from the other videos.
7) The product or service advertised in the promotional video have aroused your interest?
  1. I was raised a huge interest in the product.
  2. The product has interested me.
  3. I have been interested a bit.
  4. Not at all.
8) You have you changed your opinion about the product or service after seeing the promo video?
  1. Yes, positively.
  2. My opinion is the same.
  3. Yes, negatively.
9) The product or service is advertised as promotional video might be helpful for you, your acquaintances or friends?
  1. To me.
  2. To me and my friends.
  3. Only to my friends.
  4. Not to anyone that I know of.
10) What's your opinion about viral promo videos?
  1. I think positively.
  2. I think neutraly.
  3. I think negatively.
11) The humor in the ad's draws you? Score the usefulness of using humor in advertising.
This one doesn't need translation.
12) What do you think what is the most appropriate duration of a advertising video?
This one doesn't need translation.
13) How often do you see TV?
  1. All the time.
  2. No more than 30 min everyday.
  3. From 30min to 1 hour everyday.
  4. 2-3 hours a day.
  5. 3-5 hours a day.
  6. Few days a week.
  7. One time a month.
  8. Rarely ever.
  9. I don't have a TV.
14) The Advertising videos posted on the Internet calls your attention?
  1. Yes.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Not so much.
  4. Not at al